Focus on the ‘Net’ in Networking for Success in Your Private Practice

July 12, 2017

Focus on the ‘Net’ in Networking for Success in Your Private Practice

Building your private practice means you are going independent. Individual. Alone?

But you don’t have to be, and shouldn’t be alone.

Building a network is an important part of creating a successful private practice.

Follow these action statements to make the most of it:

Get to know your audience

Create a strategy and go in with a plan. Know who the audience will be and who you want to speak to. Set yourself targets: How often will you attend network events? What do you want to get out of them? How many connections do you want to make?

Focus on the ‘Net’ in Networking for Success in Your Private Practice

Networking for Success in Your Private Practice

Use your time efficiently

Always have a conversation started ready. Make yourself interesting and valuable. Have fun, but don’t get carried away.

Don’t work the room, but build lasting relationships

Don’t give everyone your business card, but pick and choose who might benefit from you, and who do you benefit from. Understand how you might be able to help other people.

Be yourself. Don’t forget to introduce yourself to the organiser of the event.

You can’t do them all

Be a regular, but at the beginning start small. Burnout is real, especially when it comes to small talk and trying to force relationships. Choose the events that seem promising, and take on a risky one every now and then.

Pick your battles, know your purpose

Carry marketing materials with you. Assure and project credibility. Always keep in mind how conversations can benefit you - you are trying to build resources for yourself!

And if you feel like you haven’t made a connection, don’t hand out your business card just yet.

Focus on the ‘Net’ in Networking for Success in Your Private Practice

Focus on the ‘Net’ in Networking for Your Private Practice

Don’t leave ‘em hanging after

Follow up and feed the connection. A ‘nice to meet you’ card or email always do the job. Make a note on the business card to remember who is who.

Reach out regularly, not only when you need something. Check in, share interesting content you’ve found or just say hello. Social media is your best friend with this.

Put together the puzzle

Draw the connections between the people you meet, and always find the connectors. They are the ones that usually know everyone and can fill any gaps in your puzzle.

Be strategic

Work the relationships that are beneficial to you. Who would you go for for advice? Who would you go for for a favour. In general, the rule of thumb is to give two favours before asking for one.

Think about what you can do that has a great benefit to them, but is a relatively small commitment for you.

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