Content Marketing Guidelines for Private Practices

July 07, 2017

Content Marketing Guidelines for Private Practices

You got on the bandwagon of this thing called ‘Content Marketing’ for your private practice's website.

You are aware of the perks of content marketing - but, how do you actually do it? Where should you start?

A Word of Caution

Before getting into the nitty-gritty, a word of advice: manage your expectations. You’re not going to become an internet sensation over time. Your first blog post is not going to go viral. Actually, it is more likely that no one will read it.

Content Marketing Guidelines for Private Practices

Content Marketing Guidelines for Private Practices

Patience is key for content marketing. Over time you will build up an audience and loyal following, attracting new clients to your private practice. Here is how you get there:

Guiding Principles for Effective Content Marketing

Blog posts

The secret is to just start writing (or pay someone else to do it for you). You’re doing well with 1-2 blog posts per month, 3-4 if you are a quick typist.

There are two types of blog posts - the short and sweet ones in the range of 250-500 words, and then the long and detailed ones averaging between 600-1000 words.

Content Marketing Guidelines for Private Practices

Content Marketing for Private Practices

Pick the appropriate type based on your time, as well as your audience’s preferences.

Social Media

Simply sending blog posts into the big world of an overload of information is not going to get you the exposure you are looking for.

A couple of people might find your blog through your website, but you want the reverse happening as well: your blog increasing traffic to your website.

Social media can solve this dilemma. Use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to get your writing out there and seen by people.

Soon you will be viewed as an expert in the field, and people will start trusting your services.

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