4 Essentials That Turn Online Visitors into Clients of Your Private Practice

October 25, 2019

4 Essentials That Turn Online Visitors into Clients of Your Private Practice

Having a website, a blog, and social media channels for your private practice is all good and well - but how do you make sure that visitors actually become clients?

Stick with these 4 essential factors to see conversion rates increase:

1. Waterproof Website Strategy

Each piece of writing, each page on your website, each visual should have a purpose. Ask yourself what you want to achieve with each element, and whether it supports this achievement.

Always link everything back to your primary call to action: booking a session.

Essentials That Turn Online Visitors into Clients of Your Private Practice

2. Niche Marketing and Focus

You can’t devise a strategy without understanding what your niche - and therefore unique selling point - is. Make sure clients can see why you are the right person to solve their problem, and what makes you better than the competition.

That doesn’t mean showing off credentials, but building an emotional relationship with the reader, showing empathy, and signalling how you care about them.

Turn Online Visitors into Clients of Your Private Practice

3. Visual Content

Whilst content marketing has it’s perks, too much text discourages the reader and is - honestly - boring. Lift up engagement by using pictures and photos.

If you are up for it, videos can also be a great way to introduce your private practice. They build quick rapport, show your human side and make you more relatable.

4. Professionalism

Professionalism is the foundation of a successful private practice. Yes, be human, but don’t be sloppy.

Make sure your online content looks and feels professional, is up to date, easy to use and clean of spelling and grammar mistakes.

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