Using Stats to Improve your Private Practice Website

June 26, 2017

Using Stats to Improve your Private Practice Website 

As it is with all therapists, your website is like a portal to the big wild world for your private practice. But, how do you know the portal is working, and that people enter through it?

Website statistics can tell you exactly that - how many people visit your website, how much time they spend on it, and how they engage with it?  

Understanding website stats can help you find bottlenecks, and make your website more efficient in converting visitors into potential clients then actual clients. 

Using Stats to Improve your Private Practice Website

Using Stats to Improve your Private Practice Website 

Page Views: number of pages viewed on your website - if the number is very low, your landing page might need an overhaul. 

Unique Visitors: number of people that visit your website for the first time. A large number of new visitors indicates successful outreach to new potential clients. (Even wondered what ‘cookies’ are all about? In this case not for curbing the sweet tooth. Cookies track users online, and are therefore able to tell whether they’ve visited your website before or not.)  

Bounce Rate: percentage of readers that close a page immediately or hit the back button within no time. A page that makes people leave straight away needs to be improved. The page in question might need working in terms of relevance of content, or loading time. 

Using Stats to Improve your Private Practice Website

Improve your Private Practice Website by Knowing Your Stats

Traffic Sources: identifies how visitors found your website. There are different types of traffic sources: 

  • Organic Search - visitors find your website through search engines. If this number is really low, you need to work on your SEO Marketing  

  • Direct Traffic - visitors use your URL directly. A high number of direct traffic indicates successful offline marketing (e.g. business cards etc.) and word of mouth recommendations. 

  • Links and Referrals - visitors find you through a link on another website. Professional listing sides for private practices, your social media channels, or colleagues referring to your website can be the source of this type of traffic. 

  • Paid Search - visitors are directed to your website through your paid advertisement, for example with Google Adwords.

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