3 Steps To Prepare Yourself for Private Practice

June 19, 2017

3 Steps To Prepare Yourself for Private Practice 

You’ve been thinking about starting a private practice for a while now, but aren’t sure whether you are ready to make the leap? You are not alone.

Becoming an independent practitioner is scary. You need to be a medic and an entrepreneur at the same time.

3 Steps To Prepare Yourself for Private Practice

Prepare Yourself for Private Practice in Every Area

Here are 3 Steps that can help you prepare for the jump: 

1. Try It Out First

Try to work with an established group first to gain experience and learn what it takes to run a private practice. You have many options: join a group practice, work in a community agency, or establish yourself in a medical setting first. This will provide you with a guaranteed check and possible savings, as well as initial learning opportunities.

2. Develop a Niche

The beauty of starting a private practice is developing a niche. You can focus on the population or disease that really grabs your passion and allocate your time and energy efficiently. On top of that, experience shows that niche practices perform better in terms of earnings. Deciding on a niche early on will also make the start-up process a lot easier.

3 Steps To Prepare Yourself for Private Practice

3 Steps To Prepare Yourself for Private Practice 

3. Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

First pay attention to market trends. Your plan should somehow reflect these. You need to understand what clients are looking for and how it fits with your passion and skills. Then, you need to create a waterproof plan. This includes a mission and value statement for your practice, identifying target clients and a business plan. You also need to think about all the business-related issues such as insurance, taxes and lawyers.

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