Writing Tips to Boost Your Private Practice’s Online Presence

June 29, 2017

Writing Tips to Boost Your Private Practice’s Online Presence

Websites and blogs are often the first point of contact between your private practice and potential clients.

Customers’ first impression is made online, and you want it to be a positive, and lasting one.

Your content and writing therefore need to be of top quality to convert potential into paying clients. Stick to these Writing Best Practices and see your website conversion surge:

Spelling and Grammar

You might think no one will notice small mistakes, but let’s be honest, we all get annoyed when you’re reading your friends’ Facebook posts and they misspell.

And, that is only Facebook - not a professional service website.


Writing Tips to Boost Your Private Practice’s Online Presence

Tone of Communication

Think about your private practice and what tone and language you want to promote within your professional services.

Use the same on your website. Keep it friendly, informal but sensitive, and most importantly understandable - no medical jargon.


Think about who you are writing for, and make sure your content and writing matches the target audience.

This refers both to clarity, as well as, to content.

Address the needs and wants of your clients, and show them how you will help them.

Keep each post short - between 250-400 words - and highlight and repeat key messages.

Writing Tips to Boost Your Private Practice’s Online Presence

Boost Your Private Practice’s Online Presence with These Writing Tips

Structure of Posts

People read online content differently than print - make sure to structure your website accordingly.

The first two paragraphs are most important, as they will tell the reader if the following text is relevant for their search or not.

Website Content

Make sure to provide readers with value.

Generally, people will not ask for your service if they cannot see your worth online.

Valuable information, however, builds trust. The rule of thumb is quality over quantity, but make sure to update your content regularly.

Use keywords and apply other methods to make sure you come out on top of Google’s listing and be easily found by searching clients.

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