Working Your Way up The Google Rankings

June 30, 2017

Working Your Way up The Google Rankings

Just with anything else, you need to work hard to get to the top. Unfortunately, google rankings are no exception. Do you want to be on top? Yes you do. When people search the net for private practices in your area that focus on your niche, you want to be in the top three that show up.

Who Decides on Who is On Top?

Search engines use a complicated algorithm to determine which websites gets top of the list. Most of the time, the first three results are paid results, meaning that these domains have paid a substantial amount of money to be shown first. The window is usually marked as ‘advertising’.


Working Your Way up The Google Rankings

Working Your Way up The Google Rankings

How Can I Get to The Top?

It is not easy to become the first result to come up. Search engines are changing and improving the formula often in order to counteract cheating efforts. Generally, there is no point trying to cheat - google will find you, and remove you. Cheating is not tolerated.

But, there are a few other things you can do to improve your ranking:

Use Links: At first this seems counter-intuitive, but using links to other websites that are useful for your reader is actually helping you. There are little helpers called ‘spiders’, who are crawling the internet and are looking for these connections. If lots and lots of spiders are finding your website connections, your rankings improve.

Working Your Way up The Google Rankings

Google Rankings will Build Your Online Presence

Update Content: Whilst the rule of thumb is quality over quantity, you want to update your content regularly and effectively. The use of keywords is - key. This will draw more readers to your website - and the surging numbers will catch Google’s eye.

Get the Name Out: Promote your website offline as well - letter heads, business cards, email signatures should all include the web address.

Direct Readers: There are many directories for therapists online. Make sure you get your name onto all of them, as this adds links to your website and also makes you easier to spot for potential clients.

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