Introducing The Therapist Practice Series

September 20, 2015

9Introducing-The-Therapist-Counseling-Series-630x315-1.jpgTherasoft is excited to introduce you to the Therapist Practice Series, a blog series dedicated to helping therapists like you manage their practice successfully.

Building a practice that provides outstanding service to your patients while optimizing revenue can be challenging. Growing your business takes time and resources that you would probably rather spend on doing what you do best, therapy. That’s why Therasoft is launching a blog series to give therapists all the information they need to make quick and efficient decisions.

We receive many questions from our clients about how to set up their business, how to build revenue or how to manage relationships with their patients. All these topics and more will be covered in the series. Whether you’ve just started your practice or have been building it for a while, read our series and learn how to run your practice efficiently and generate more revenue.

We’ll start next week with the first post of the series dedicated to setting up your business. This episode will be particularly useful for therapists who’ve just made the decision to start their own practice and are figuring out how to get started. Already have a practice set up? Then skip this episode and stay tuned for the next one, where we’ll talk about how to market your practice and get more customers.

Is there a specific question you’d like to see answered in the series? Let us know by sending us an email at

Therasoft products help therapists run their practice from A to Z. Our product features include customer registration, scheduling, billing processing, document management, and more! Interested in learning more? You can visit or send us an email at

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