How Can Client Rapport Develop Your Practice?

How Can Client Rapport Develop Your Practice?

Building a rapport with your clients is essential for two good reasons.

Firstly, to maintain a successful practice you need to have a full caseload, and a waiting list.

Secondly, you want your clients to spread the word about how good your therapy sessions are. The clients you have now should be considered to be one of the best marketing tools your practice has.

Rapport is an important predictor of success in any therapy session. It’s also an important predictor of how well people in the community refer.

How quickly rapport can be developed in the course of a session?How can client rapport help develop your practice?

How Do You Build Rapport?

Ten minutes of reflective listening correlates to significantly better outcomes in regards to building rapport. It doesn’t have to take time. It just requires conscious attention.

What does our education teach us what builds rapport? Listening.

As clinicians we should know this, but sometimes we are too focused on providing an outcome that we don’t listen at all or for long enough.

Listening requires constant eye contact and a concerned, thoughtful expression on the therapists face. It would be best to avoid taking notes or looking about the room.

How Can Client Rapport Develop Your Practice?Listening Could Help Your Practice Grow

Developing Personal Relationships

Developing personal relationships with our clients begins by listening, which leads to us connecting with our clients on a level of trust and rapport.

Personal relationships have value which each therapists should focused on if he or she wants their practice to be a financial success.

The clients you are seeing now should feel comfortable enough to refer their friends and family to you.

They will want to come back to you over and over again if you have listened attentively and created a meaningful rapport with them.

There is no doubt your existing clients are an amazing referral source for your practice.

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