Free Private Practice Marketing Strategies For Success

July 13, 2017

Take Advantage of These Free Private Practice Marketing Strategies

Every business class will tell you: Marketing is one of the most important things you need to do as an entrepreneur.

What they sometimes don’t tell you, is that it is often the marketing budget that is eating up the funds.

But don’t despair, there are ways to get the word out about your private practice without paying a dime.

Take Advantage of These Free Private Practice Marketing Strategies

Free Private Practice Marketing Strategies

Cost Saving Ways to Build Your Online Presence:

  • Build a website for your private practice using a free platform.

  • Research internet directories and sign up for their free trial (don’t forget to set an alarm or reminder to cancel the trial once the free period is over).

  • Connect with a network in your area via LinkedIn. Making connections, building relationships and even making friends can increase your referral rate.

  • Learn to speak freely, and without awkwardness, about your business. It might take some time until you feel less sales-y and more like yourself.

  • We covered paid directories, but also scoop out the free ones. Make sure to display your specialty and focus of your private practice clearly.

Take Advantage of These Free Private Practice Marketing Strategies

Take Advantage of These Free Marketing Strategies for Your Private Practice

  • Test the visibility and ease of finding your website online. There are free providers on the internet who do that, or test with random/semi-targeted searches yourself. If you find that you cannot be found, work on your SEO.

  • Connect with your local community and talk to them at least every 3 month. This could include schools, businesses, hospitals. It really depends on what your niche is, and how your skills could help them.

  • Communicate with your online community regularly. That means blog posts, social media updates, getting involved in forums and discussions.

  • Leverage social media accounts. Shares, likes and comments increase your google rankings. Building relationships online and being present can increase your real world reputation and referral rate.

  • Connect with other specialists and private practices in your area. This not only takes away the loneliness that can come with running your own business, but building a network increases the likelihood of referrals.

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