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Tips for Therapists on Managing Late Cancellation Fees

One of the biggest questions that I get from other therapists is how to navigate late cancellation fees.

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When and How to Share Personal Information

In my Manhattan practice I often see clients who struggle with finding the right way to share personal information with others, whether in a business or intimate relationship. It can be incredibly difficult to know when and how to disclose personal details, and many people find themselves in a precarious dance between sharing info too soon or struggling to open up at all.

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Let Go of Old Ways of Being

What Holds You Back Professionally? Let It Go

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How to start a private practice (or prepare for one!) while at a day job or graduate school


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Mindfulness: Your Secret Business Weapon


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9 Tips to Turn Your Blogs into Cash Machines for Your Private Therapy Practice!


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Part 2: Top 10 Tips for Graduate Students Targeting Private Practice!

Welcome back to my Top 10 Tips! I started this as a single-part blogpost but realized that I simply had too many tips for graduate students in psychology to squeeze into one post.  So if you’re wondering why the tips start at #6 below, it’s because the first five tips are in Part 1 of this post. If you’re a future therapist in private practice who wants to lay the groundwork for success today, I hope you enjoy the tips below!

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Part 1: Top 10 Tips for Psychology or Counseling Grad Students Targeting Private Practice

Many graduate students in fields like clinical or counseling psychology plan to have a private practice one day, but have been discouraged from thinking too much about that exciting part of their professional life till much further down the road.  As a clinical psychologist who was able to start a thriving practice within weeks (yes, weeks) of getting my license, I respectfully disagree-- the good news is that there are plenty of smart and relatively simple steps you can take now to be poised for success when the time comes.  One of the biggest fears that graduate students have is how they will get clients, and they are often given very few resources to address this-- probably because their professors aren't necessarily private practice experts and may not really know how to go about it either.  If you're a graduate student wondering how you can sow the seeds for private practice success today, read on for some quick and easy tips!

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Nurture Your Fees For Long-Term Success

As a mental health professional, you will need to determine what fees are most appropriate for the services you provide. As your experience and your client base grows, you may be faced with the decision to raise your fees for your own financial benefit; and to improve your space or the amenities you provide to your clients. It’s understandable that there may be some discomfort or fear about how raising your fees might affect your practice and customers. However, through slow and steady increases over time,you will find that many of your customers can absorb these costs and the few that leave will be replaced by new customers.

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Attention,Therapists: August is Your Month for Private Practice Success!


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